Real World Camp Bismarck

April 27, 2020 08:30 AM

ND State Capitol

6th & 7th Grades

Students will become awakened to the "Real World" with 5 hands-on mini lessons before they walk into the "Real World" city with 25 local businesses with a new life, a family, and a job!


7:30a.m. - Volunteers arrive at Brynhild Room, Bismarck State Capitol

(Volunteers will be assisting with registration, assisting set up in classrooms, and supervising kids at their assigned tables with activities)

8:15-8:30 Registration opens

8:35a.m. – All kids should be seated at their tables. Welcome and opening introductions.

8:40a.m. – Welcome 

8:50 – Entrepreneurial Panel

9:20a.m.-Kids head to assigned classrooms-rotations begin. (Some volunteers will be following groups to the classrooms to assist in classroom management and will rotate with the same group through all the classes)

9:30a.m.-Sessions start: 9:30-9:55 10:00--10:25; 10:30-10:55; 11:00-11:25

11:30a.m.-12:10p.m.–Lunch break

12:15p.m. - Classes resume

12:45p.m.-Head back to assigned tables to get “Real World City” directions and assignments.

1:05p.m.-2:15p.m.-Real World City in Grand Hall (Assist kids either at tables in the middle or walk around to see if they are following directions for the city)

2:35p.m. - National Children’s Theater of Minneapolis

As kids check back to their tables, gather all name tags

3:35p.m.-3:50p.m.-Announcement of door prizes/dismiss



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